Ways to Help with the Black Lives Matter Movement – A Collection of Resources for White People

Since the last time I posted an entry here, the world has seen massive protests centering on the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, and the countless other Black people who have died at the hands of racist and bigoted police and vigilantes. There have been protests in all 50 states plus various countries. And while I’ve been seeing less television coverage of the protests, they continue on.

I knew it would be disrespectful and irresponsible of me to not acknowledge the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests taking place, but I wasn’t sure what to say that hasn’t been better said by Black activists. I don’t want to speak over my Black comrades. Still, staying silent is not an option. So let me state unequivocally that I stand with Black people and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Rather than make this about me or state what Black folx have already said, I thought I’d create a list of resources for white people who want to learn, help, and stand with BLM and every Black person. So I’ve compiled a list of links, organized by category, that offers information, ways you can help, and also lists what you can do to educate yourself. Please note that many of these resources were put together by Black people who expended a lot of energy and deserve credit for their labour. I simply categorized these resources and put them in a list with a little commentary. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I welcome suggestions.

If You Can’t Protest 

Being chronically ill and disabled, I’m unable to attend BLM protests in person. After searching, I found these links, which list things you can do to support the Black Lives Matter movement from your home, like educating yourself and signing petitions.

11 Ways to Support Black Lives if You Can’t Go to a Protest

How to Support Protesters from Home

Where to Donate

If you happen to have a little (or a lot) of cash, there are plenty of people and organizations that could use your help. Check out the many giving options in the links below. You might also want to give money directly to Black people in need, if you know someone who could use the help. Just be sure to ask first, and don’t assume someone needs the help.

List of Bail Funds for Protesters Across the Country

Where to Donate to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

137 Ways to Donate in Support of Black Lives and Communities of Color

Lists of Black-Owned Businesses to Shop From

Another way to support Black people is to patronize their businesses. Check out these lists of Black-owned businesses and make an effort to shop from them. Bookmark the shops and sellers that appeal to you and come back when you need to buy clothes, some reading material, or a birthday present for a friend.

1,000+ Black-Owned Etsy Shops

125 Black-Owned Businesses to Support

You Can Order Today from These Black-Owned Independent Bookstores

Shop the Black Lives Matter Official Store

41 Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Support Now and Always

47 Black-Owned Clothing Brands You Should Definitely Know About

Books Written by Black Authors You Can Read to Educate Yourself

As white people, it’s our job to educate ourselves about anti-Black racism: how it came to be, how it operates, and how we can work to stop it. The children’s books listed can not only educate our youth, but also help foster understanding in adults. Make a list and see if you can find some of these books in a library. If you can’t, see if the library can order them.

Books to Read to Educate Yourself About Anti-Racism and Race

A Reading List On Race For Allies Who Want To Do Better*

60 Books J. Cole Could Have Read Instead Of Writing That Goofy Ass Song

19 Black Children’s Books by Black Authors

Support Black Creatives and Their Art

Just like we should be reading books by Black people, we should also be consuming their art and creative output. Check out a Black YouTuber whose videos spark your interest or, instead of buying a wall hanging from Target, purchase a piece of art from a Black artist.

Supporting Black Artists and Businesses During COVID-19 Crisis

6 Black Artists to Support During Nationwide Protests

Here Are 23 Organizations You Can Donate to That Support Emerging Black Artists, Thinkers, and Change-Makers

27 Top Black YouTube Stars From Around the World You Need to Follow

33 Talented Black Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

Support Black Members of the LGBTQIA+ Community

Black queer and trans people have unique experiences and needs. They must deal with racism on top of homophobia and transphobia. Black trans people in particular face a lot of danger, including a higher risk of assault and murder. There are many organizations serving Black folx in the LGBTQIA+ community that need help. Take a look and see if there is an organization that you can assist.

Where to Donate to Support Black Trans People — Organizations That Support the Black LGBTQ Community

17 Black-Led LGBTQ+ Organizations & Groups to Support Right Now

14 Black-Lled LGBTQ+ Organizations to Donate to Right Now

Google Docs and Sites That List BLM and Anti-Racism Resources

The following are lists of resources like reading lists, information helpful to protestors, and links to information about racism in America. These are invaluable resources that you can use to educate yourself and help the Black Lives Matter movement. Take a good long look and see what you can learn.

2020 BLM Resource Guide

American Racism: Just the Facts

Take Action: A List of Ways You Can Stand In Solidarity with the Black Community

Black Lives Matter Carrd

Black History Month Library

Know of another resource? Comment below!

*One of the books listed is White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. Please note that she is white and consider first reading one of the many books about racism written by a Black author.

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